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Automatic curved door

Cross section details:

Automatic curved door

Product Description:

1. the automatic arc door with high-grade and luxurious appearance is suitable for high-grade office buildings, banks, star hotels, etc.

 The main entrance and exit are smooth, unique and elegant.

2. the combined type automatic arc door can be provided with inward or outward arc segments, semi - circle, whole circle or double arc segments

 Meter.  The orange gate consists of convex or concave arc segments, which can be unique, self-contained and can also

 Harmonious and unified with architectural appearance.  According to the site conditions, 1 / 2 or 1 / 4 circular combination can be used to elaborate

 Designed into different styles.

3. the special double-door structure of the energy-saving automatic arc door is like establishing an " air" between the doors

 Make the gas circulate inside the building and reduce the energy loss of the air conditioner.

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